18 creative ways to reuse egg cartons

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repurpose egg carton as seed tray. Ways to reuse egg cartons

I thought the number of ways that egg cartons could be reused would be limited.

I was wrong.

Besides the plethora of kid’s craft ideas, there are also some nifty and stunning ways to reuse egg cartons for adults as well.

Below is a round up of just 18 ways to reuse egg cartons.

I did come across one more – using the pointy bit between the egg holes as a ring holder – it sounded like a great idea but the website refused to load, so I haven’t included it below, the website had a recent upgrade so check it out.

Egg Carton Caterpillars
Caterpillars @ Craft Elf
seed raising
Seed raising @ Harmonious Belly
Paint pot
Paint pot @ Free Spirit Knits
Flower Light @ Addicted 2 Decorating
Bulletin Board @ Thrifty Fun
Ladybug @ Family Corner
Garden @ Postcards from the Robin’s Nest
Easter Table Display @ Norske Interior Blogger
Sewing Kit @ Country Living
Drawer Organiser @ Better Homes & Gardens
cupcake gift
Cupcake gift wrap @ eighteen25
Flowers @ Super Cozy
grass caterpillar
Grass Caterpillar @ Lottielulu
Daffodils @ DIY Crafts Idea
egg carton wreath finished
Wreath @ Homemade Serenity
Egg Carton Jewelry Box 4_thumb
Jewellery Box @ B-Inspired Mama
Spider @ Crafty Crafted
Flowers @ Michelle Made Me

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  1. Hi there. Try the ring holder again, it’s up again. Enjoy!

  2. Love the egg carton ideas. I have seen a sewing kit on Pinterest which I want to make. They decoupaged the carton with an old sewing pattern and added some lace and frills. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Makes we want to cry. We are always in need of egg cartons, as when we give out eggs we rarely get the cartons back.

    1. I did think that when writing this post, sounds like an exchange system is needed :).

    1. Thank you for sharing – I don’t mind, it’s great to share useful stuff!

  4. me again – just went to follow the link to the Grass Caterpillar @ Lottielulu but its the wrong link. Just thought i’d let you know :-)