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24 Creative Ways to Recycle Cardboard Milk Cartons

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I’ve been looking for some extra ways to recycle things around our house.

When it comes to recycling it’s easy to get lazy and just chuck everything in the bin, or not rinse things first, or not hoard stuff “just in case”.

Our body corporate hasn’t put in recycling bins due to “lack of room” so everything goes to the tip, which is a big guilt trip for me.

Really, after compiling this list, I am only limited by imagination as to finding ways to recycle things around the house and I have been re-motivated to reduce our waste.

  1. Seedling Planter. Cut off the top and punch a couple of drainage holes in the bottom. Raise seeds or seedlings in the container.
  2. Plant Collar. Cut the top and bottom off and put around a seedling to protect from the wind.
  3. Drip garden waterer. Cut off the top, punch a hole or two in the bottom, place next to a plant and fill it with water (or let the rain fill it with water).
  4. Paint container. Cut off the bottom and use for small paint jobs
  5. Paintbrush holder. Cut off the bottom and clean brushes in the container.
  6. Freeze water in them for ice blocks for eskies, camping and parties.
  7. Freeze food. Clean and use to freeze leftovers, stock, sauces, soups, mince. I’m actually pretty excited about this idea. We buy our meat in bulk and I have been looking for a freezer bag alternative for a long time. While a milk carton won’t hold a T-Bone, it will store most things and will stack really well.
  8. Use as a mould for candles and soap making.
  9. Turn into a bird feeder.
  10. Use as a garbage bin. This is what we usually do. We don’t have a lot of garbage, so what we do have goes into the milk carton rather than a plastic bag. At least it breaks down.
  11. Household container. Store pens, nuts and bolts, craft items, or whatever you need to store. Paint them or wrap with scrapbooking paper for a prettier container.
  12. Drawer organiser
  13. Keep aside for a rainy day and use for children’s craft projects – houses, trains, toy boats, building blocks.
  14. Cooking oil disposal. This is one my mum uses.
  15. Use to hold picnic food.
  16. Lunch box
  17. Portable Soup container.
  18. Microwave dish. I read this on a website but I haven’t tried it so I’m not sure if this works or how safe it is. Heating paper seems like a recipe for trouble to me but other’s have tried it and say it works. We don’t have a microwave so I couldn’t try it out.
  19. Disposable cutting board.
  20. Frozen dessert container.
  21. Milk carton coin purse. This website has a tutorial on how to make a coin purse from a milk carton, but one with a plastic spout. I have to admit, it’s pretty cool!
  22. Kid’s bowling alley.
  23. Hold your kitchen scraps for the compost.
  24. Storage Box. Again, this is a tutorial for making a storage box. It is pretty ingenious the way they cut out a bit that holds the box altogether.

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  1. Good post, recycling isn’t just about putting garbage in the bin with the yellow lid, its about reusing what we can in our homes…..having said that though you should really get on to your body corporate about those bins…