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creating a household binder {free household contacts printable}

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creating a household binder with free printables

This is the second instalment of the household binder series: the household contacts printable.

You can find the first printable, the emergency contacts sheet here.

A household contact sheet includes the numbers relevant to living in a home: your real estate agent (if you rent), your body corporate (if you live in a complex), the electrician, plumber, pest man…

I’ve tried to include all possibilities on the household contact sheet, but you can also easily customise it by downloading the WORD file.

With your emergency contacts in place, and your household numbers, that’s a whole lot less fussing to find numbers, should you need them.

The next instalment will be a printable for contact numbers for finances and insurances.

Household Contacts

You can download the printable household contacts sheet in either PDF format or, if you would like to customise it to suit your own circumstances, you can download it in WORD format (97-2003 Compatible; can also be opened in Open Office).

For more information on creating a household binder, check out the article Live Intentionally and Stay Organised with a Household Management Binder.


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