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finding time to craft part three–organising your projects–a project bag tutorial

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As I mentioned yesterday, the picture on the right is one of the project bags that I have been making to keep all of my current projects in. The idea is to hang each bag in the wardrobe on a coat hanger, ready to grab at a moments notice so that I can be crafting in no time.

Because I am working on quite a few projects at once, the bags have a plastic sleeve on the front for a removable cardboard label, this way I can easily distinguish between projects. The labelled bags would also make good storage bags.

While I would usually recommend making this bag out of an old sheet rescued from the rag bag, (especially because it’s just as storage bag), I’ve had this fabric in my stash for years and I thought it was time to use it. Actually, I love the way the bags turned out, I’ll be making some more ‘general use’ totes in the same size and fabric, but without the label.

The label sleeves are made from recycled plastic vinyl packaging. The cardboard inserts are also recycled. If use old sheets or other recycled material, you can make these bags for free (bar the few cents worth of thread).

The tutorial is in downloadable PDF format. You can click here or on the picture to download.

Not the kind of bag you’re looking for? Tomorrow’s post is another bag tutorial roundup from around the web with lots of new bag designs to try. I love sewing bags and I might just be able to squeeze in some extra sewing time!


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