frugal tip for the week: do nothing

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Looking for frugal tips? “Frugal tips” is a search term that brings many people to this site. While tips are good (and I hope you find many here) frugality is more than just tidbits of advice and gestures towards saving money.

I’ve been thinking about what aspect of frugality I could write about today.

I could write about 101 ways to reuse dryer sheets, how to save money by feeding your family beans and lentils, I could calculate the savings of squeezing that extra morsel of toothpaste out of the tube.


…sometimes what we don’t do is just as important as what we do.

So today to be frugal: do nothing.

Don’t buy crap. In fact, today avoid the shops altogether.

Leave the car at home if you can.

Leave the TV and the computer, the Playstation and the iPod switched off. Instead, spend time talking with your family, reading a book, or savouring the silence.

Relax, regenerate, reengage, revive, regroup.

People talk about having ‘frugal fatigue’. This frugal tip won’t tire you out. It won’t take any extra effort, drain your energy or use any concentration. If you’re used to a fast paced, burn out, over consumed world

then today

do nothing.

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  1. Can,t do nothing today as I absolutely have to be online to check up on my fellow bloggers. The rest of the post looks good to me.

  2. Ooh, I didn’t know you had a blog – heading over there now!

  3. Benjamin Bankruptcy says:

    YAY! Australia frugal bloggers! I’ve been searching for you!

    I’ve just started getting serious about this after stupidly buying a home that has thrown my cashflow into disrepair.

    I cycled to work 4 days last week, this week it’ll be 5 and next week moth ball car!

    1. Hi Benjamin, nice to hear from you. Cycling: gets you from a to b, keeps you fit, reduces your carbon footprint. Can’t get much better than that. I walk as much as I can, but we have considered getting some bikes. Someone was selling theirs secondhand: matching man’s and woman’s bike, $80, not bad. Haven’t ridden one since I was a kid, though. Hopefully it’s one of those things you never forget :).

  4. Benjamin Bankruptcy says:

    What size bike do you need, you’re in brisbane arn’t you?

  5. We’re ourside Brissy. We were looking at adults bikes but it’s in the maybe category at the moment – we want to make sure we’ll actually use them. I’m lucky that everything is in walking distance.

  6. Hope you had your do nothing day and built a cubby – loved doing that on rainy days when I was a kid. Good to hear what you have in mind to destress.