naturally clean with a homemade cleaning paste

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homemade cleaning pasteCleans as well as Gumption. Smells sensational.  Natural, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

These are the promises I’m making about this DIY cleaning paste.

And if you make your own laundry detergent and your own cleaning spray, then you will already have all the ingredients on hand to whip up a batch of this paste in a matter of minutes.

The recipe is enough to last ages. A little goes a long way.

Just a light rub with a little paste and your bath and sinks will be sparkling like new.

Can you tell I’m the daughter of a used-car salesman?

This paste includes bicarb soda, which is a great stain remover. Using this paste on kitchen benchtops gets all sorts of stubborn stains out.

I use a combination of Eucalyptus oil and Grapefruit oil in my cleaning paste because that’s what I’ve got on hand, they smell nice and they are anti-bacterial. But you can use any essential oils that take your fancy.

Tea tree oil is a great choice for cleaning because it’s a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil, but you could make a calming cleanser with lavender oil, or something a bit uplifting with peppermint oil.

Cleaning and aromatherapy at the same time!

Here’s how to make your own cleaning paste.

What you will need:

  • 1 cup bicarb soda
  • 1 cup washing soda (not the crystals)
  • A few good squirts of natural dishwashing detergent (or castile soap if you have some on hand)
  • 30 drops of essential oils of choice 
  • Water
  • A wide mouth container (I used an old spice container – a recycled butter container or yoghurt tub would be good too)

Note: You can find all these ingredients in your local supermarket.

Making cream cleaner

Sift bicarb soda and washing soda into a bowl. Add the dishwashing detergent and mix to combine, adding a little water at a time to form a paste. I found using a stick blender made this task super quick and easy.

Add essential oils, mixing to combine, then scoop your paste into a container. Stick on a label and it’s ready to use.

If you prefer a Jiff-like cream cleanser, make this paste a little thinner and pour it into a squeeze bottle. This would be useful for cleaning the toilet bowl.

Using cream cleaner

Using a damp cloth, scrape a small amount out and rub all over your bath, sinks, basins, benchtops, toilet seats etc.

Rinse off by wiping over with a damp cloth.

Enjoy your sparkling clean house.

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