preparing your home {Disaster prep Day 6}

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This week’s action step, as part of the disaster preparation series, is to find out how to help protect your home against natural disasters.

Are You Ready As part of your regular maintenance and property upkeep routine, it pays to take steps to help protect your home against damage during storms or other natural disasters.

Of course, there are times that no matter what we do or how much we prepare, nature will wend its destructive path, which is why having adequate insurance is important.

But if you can prevent or minimise the damage done to your home, then you will save money, reduce inconvenience and hopefully prevent the devastation of being displaced.

Below is a list of resources that explain how to prepare your home for various possible disasters that occur in Australia.

Preparing your home for bushfire season

Preparing your home for cyclone and storm season

Preparing your home for flooding

Preparing your home for earthquakes

Do you take steps to prepare your home for relevant natural disasters?

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  1. I think you offered good links to tips here, but the most important aspect of any disaster preparation is avoidance. Try with all your might to not live near areas that are prone to disaster. If you want to avoid a flood, avoid living in flood zones. If you want to avoid hurricanes, avoid living in common hurricane paths. Etc, etc…

    I know it’s difficult, but placing yourself and family in a relatively safe spot is probably the best advice.

    Good post!

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for your comment. You’re right, some areas are safer than others. However, I lived in the middle of a major city and was still affected by bushfire. You can be affected by natural disasters wherever you live.

      Also, cyclone territory in Australia is also some of the best farming country, I certainly enjoy the food that is grown by those who risk living in those areas!!