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tip tuesday – possibilities calendar

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I read this tip on Lifehacker the other day, and thought it was a great idea.The article suggests creating a possibilities calendar in Google calendar or your favourite electronic calendar.

The idea is that when you read or hear about an event that you think might be interesting but you don’t want to make special effort to go to, you put it in your calendar now and if you find you have some spare time to fill or you’re looking for something to do, you can pull up your calendar and it will show a variety of ideas that you’ve pre-empted. Things to keep in your calendar could include: class timetables, movie times, plays, opening hours for places you would like to go, concerts, market times, art gallery exhibitions, festivals, library reading times or whatever catches your fancy. You may hear or read about events at community noticeboards, at the library, in local newspapers and publications, online, the local news or radio to name a few.

To avoid information overload, keep the calendar hidden and just bring it up when you’re looking for possible things to do. I use Sunbird calendar and this is as easy as deselecting a calendar. You can also get creative with tags and categories and in Sunbird I can attach a website if I want further information.


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