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finding time to craft Part One–making time

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I’ve been working on how to get some more crafting into my day. Time is short, but I’m really missing my creative time. This week I’ve written a three part series on finding time to craft. I like to sew mostly, but the tips over the next few days are relevant for getting any type of project done when time is short.

I decided recently to keep a list of craft projects I want to try. Well that list is two pages long and still growing daily! How to find time to craft? I came across this post on Patricia Zapata’s blog A Little Hut about making time to craft. She has some great tips but the one I love the best is asking for time as a gift:

“About three or four years ago, I asked my husband not to buy me anything for my birthday. Instead, I asked him to give me the gift of ‘just me/alone’ time. I specifically asked him for Wednesday nights after 7pm. I asked for that particular day because it gave me a break between the weekends, it didn’t take away from family time and we never went anywhere on Wednesday evenings. Mr. Z took care of everything after dinner including bedtime.

I explained that I needed the time to recharge and just do whatever I wanted without feeling guilty about anything at all. I would go to the bookstore, coffee shop with a book or sketchbook in hand or stay home and go to our bedroom and simply close the door—no kids or husband allowed. It worked like a charm and if truth be told I didn’t always craft. It felt so luxurious to have that free time. I felt so recharged and centred again and that made me a better mom & wife.”


As a slight variation, DH and I made an agreement that we would each have one night a week completely off. To make the evening flow more easily, I wrote out a very specific evening checklist of things that need to be done each night because there’s no point me having an evening off, only to have to catch up on all the work the next day! The checklist includes things like cook dinner, soak nappies, wash the dishes, put on a loaf of bread, wipe down the benches.

I have arranged to have Wednesdays off and DH has Mondays off. We’ve been doing this for about a month now, and so far it’s been working out really well (although I admit that mostly I spend the time catching up on some rest rather than crafting).

The benefit of this agreement is that there are no expectations on that evening. I’m not going to get cranky if DH isn’t helping because I know it’s his night off, and I get my turn on another night. Like Patricia, I also don’t sit around feeling guilty about having ‘me’ time. Having an official, agreed upon arrangement helps take the guilt away.

If you would like to read Patricia’s other ideas on finding time to craft, you can find them here. As a side note, Patricia is a paper artist who does beautiful things with paper. I love her recycled cardboard coaster and trivet set.


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