ways with recycled glass jars roundup

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21 ways with recycled jars

Recycled glass jars are great for storing all sorts of things, from pantry staples to nails in the garage. They are also make cheap drinking glasses in a pinch.

And of course, collecting glass jars is essential if you make your own jams and chutneys (which make great gift ideas, by the way).

But there are many other uses for recycled glass jars as the tutorials below demonstrate.

If you’re like me and have trouble throwing out glass jars, here’s a few creative ideas for reusing them.

soap dispenser from jar
Soap dispenser @ Blissfully Content
pin jar with pin cushion lidPin cushion jar @ Martha Stewartjar oil lamp
Oil lamp @ Raised in Cotton
mason jar hanging storage
Hanging storage @ Liz Marie Blog
magnetic spice jars
Magnetic spice jars @ DAV.I.SON
craft storage
Craft storage @ Good Housekeeping
soy candles
Soy candles @ Soap Queen
Mason Jar Bakers Twine holder from a casarella | Frugal and ThrivingMason jar twine holder @ A Cassarellamason jar lights from Recaptured Charm | Frugal and ThrivingFrosted tea light holder @ Recaptured Charm
chalkboard lables
Chalkboard labels at The Flibbertigibbert
boredom jar
Boredom jar @ Somewhat Simple
Mason jar lantern @ Intimate Weddings
decorating jars
Ideas for jar decoration @ Too Much Time
jar planter
Jar planter @ Not Just a Housewife
Pamper-Yourself-Gifts-in-a-Jar-Ideas from The Frugal Gals | Frugal and ThrivingGift in Jars @ The Frugal Gals
spout on jar
Add a spout @ The Cheese Chef
drink bottle
Drink jar @ 3191 Miles Apart
cup cake jar
Cup cakes in a jar @ Cookies and Cups
gardeners hand soap
Gardener’s hand soap @ Create Studio
sugarsoap in a jar
Sugar scrub in a jar @ Maybe Matilda
Cookies in a jar @ Intimate Weddings

What is your favourite way to use recycled jars?

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  1. love the jar herb garden :)

  2. Thank you so much for this round up!
    I have had to recycle most of my jars as they build up quickly and there is only so much room in the cupboard!

    Another idea is to use them as a piggy bank by cutting a hole in the top. We have a couple hidden on op of our fridge for saving small change in – it soon adds up!

    I liked the jar herb garden idea and the hand wash dispenser best, such clever ideas :)

  3. I have lots of jars too. I love the pin cushion jar – just have to work out how to do it with a regular lidded jar.

  4. I have re-used several peanut butter jars and baby food jars by filling them with coconut oil and placing them around the house. Coconut oil is an amazing money saver. 1 large jar can last us all year, but I want to always keep the large jar clean so I scoop from it into the smaller jars and then use them for a variety of purposes. I mix it half and half with butter (it’s cheaper and healthier than butter). I use it instead of conditioner for our hair. I mix it half and half with all natural lotion (stretches our lotion). It is all I need for makeup remover, face moisturizer, and lubricant in the bedroom too!