Episode five achieve more by managing your energy not your time

Achieve More By Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time

When it comes to trying to fit everything in, we look to time-management hacks. But to achieve more, you need ...
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frugal habits

3 Steps to Creating Good Money Habits That Help You Save

The key to sticking to your budget is to create good money habits. Master these habits, and the savings follow ...
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podcast episode 3 key strategies for creating a more effective budget

3 Essential Strategies for Making a Budget that Works

Successful budgeters don't have more discipline when it comes to saving money, they just have better strategies. In this episode, ...
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episode 2 podcast fundamentals of the good life

The Fundamentals of the Good Life (Podcast Episode 2)

What is the secret to living a good life? Philosophers have pondered this for millennia. This article explores a key ...
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Podcast episode 1: getting started in frugal living

Live More Frugally – Getting Started (Podcast Episode 1)

There are lots of possible lifestyle changes you can make to live frugally, here's the easiest and with many benefits ...
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