230+ Healthy Frugal Recipes That Save You Money

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Frugal recipes index.

frugal recipes

Feed the family on a budget by cooking frugal meals at home.

Here you’ll find all the frugal recipes from the blog including frugal main meals and vegetarian meals as well as frugal baking and desserts.

There are also cooking basics like foundational cooking techniques and essential sauces that can turn frugal staples into gourmet meals, while still keeping meals within budget.

These are the meals I cook for my family regularly. I hope you enjoy them too.

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main dishes
starters and sides
sweet treats

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  1. i have been on the hunt for a budgeting app that is not linked to my actual bank accounts. i followed your lead and I’ve set myself up. thank you.

      1. What app are you using for budgeting? I also dont like linking my bank accounts to those any budgeting apps.

          1. Kristen Lee says:

            This is the one I use and I love it! My teenager just got her first bank account and I have her using it too.

  2. Coconut oil is an amazing money saver. I buy 1 large jar at Costco and it lasts us all year. I mix it half and half with butter (it’s cheaper and healthier than butter). I use it instead of conditioner for our hair. I mix it half and half with all natural lotion (stretches our lotion). It is all I need for makeup remover, face moisturizer, and lubricant in the bedroom too! To keep the large jar from getting contaminated, I fill several small jars and place them around the house. I refill them when necessary using a clean spoon.

  3. Lyn Watson says:

    I am keen to reduce my weekly grocery shop coatings and these recipes do that

  4. HI Melissa!
    I came across your website by chance looking for 70 Party Dips for my 50th party! I am like you, try to watch my spending, don’t waste monthly pay on tiny things = coffee & buying lunch or dinner several times a week. I make larger dinner & take extra for lunch has been my motto for years!
    Im also working towards FIRE ! :>
    I eat healthy but Im not a great cook so I will enjoy your website! :>
    Thanks so much
    FYI when filling in the Name & Email …. the Website box does does its own thing?!?!!

    1. Hi, nice to meet you. Best of luck working towards FIRE!! Thanks too about the heads up re website box, will look into.