Australian Online Money Resources

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Australian online money resources. Resources that help you find help when you need it.

Australian online money resources
Australian online money resources. Image by ronstik @ adobe.stock. com

I have put together a collection of Australian online resources for managing money. There is a wealth of information (pardon the pun) between these websites: everything from financial counselling, budgeting and saving, to financial planners and investing in the share market.

Financial Counselling Services

Charities and Urgent Help

Concessions and Rebates

Government Bodies and Services

Consumer Services

Investing and Financial Planning

  • The Australian Stock Exchange run courses on investing in the share market, some of these are online, and they have resources like ‘Getting started in the stock market’ that explains shares from scratch. Their books are pretty good too.
  • Good Advice is run by the Financial Planners Association, and have tips on choosing a planner, what questions to ask etc.

General Financial Information

  • NineMSN Money
  • Savings Guide
  • MoneySmart is a government website with information on money management including budgeting, saving, debt management, superannuation and investment. They also have a list of educational programmes run by other institutions around the country.
  • Financial Literacy Information Centre provides information on banking products
  • FIDO, a website run by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission that has advice on personal finance, everything from budgeting and saving to superannuation, insurance and investing.
  • Money Minded is a website with both financial information and financial education programmes

Employment and Training

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  1. Thanks for the helpful tools to gear me towards financial success. I will certainly browse through some of the sites you have suggested.

  2. Ta, hope that you find them helpful.