Everything you need to know to have a Frugal Christmas

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In this guide, you’ll find all the resources on the blog for having a frugal Christmas.

how to have a frugal christmas

Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive or put you in debt for months to come. On this page, you’ll find links to all the resources on the blog for having a frugal and thriving Christmas.

Christmas Inspiration

Saving Money at Christmas

Frugal Decorations

Frugal Christmas Entertaining

Frugal Gift Ideas

Homemade Gift Ideas

Frugal and Thriving Sponsors

Here’s a selection of Frugal and Thriving sponsors that are great places to find frugal and sustainable gifts.

  • Biome (best store for eco-friendly and sustainable products. They have some great gift ideas)
  • Nourished Life (best place online in Australia to get natural makeup, personal care and body products)
  • Book Depository (As a massive book lover, this is the best and usually cheapest place to get books (besides the library!))
ideas for a frugal christmas

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