40+ Inspiring Repurposing Ideas for Making Old Things New Again

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Make old things new again with these inspiring repurposing ideas. From kitchenware to old clothes, furniture to garden tools, there are ideas for everyone.

inspirational ideas for making old things new again

Looking for a way to exercise your creative self?

What about a little creative repurposing?

Part of what it means to be frugal is to creatively meet your needs without spending a lot of money.

Repurposing is a win all round: your needs are met. You get to flex your creative muscles and you’re helping keep waste out of landfill.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are just a few ideas on how to turn old stuff into new stuff and give it a second life.

Re-purposing Old Stuff

Looking for inspiration for creative ways to re-purpose old stuff. Here are # ideas to do just that.

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    Absolutely love this post ! I already have plenty of old tires in and out around the house. For gardening, it ideal for the kids to have their personal corner and keep the mess to a minimum. I also plant herbs in them, it’s great for basil, and I have a chili mini-tree that thrives in its own personal tire. Inside, I made a doggy-bed : painted, put 4 small castor wheels for ease of move and a large pillow inside. I stuck a round piece of wood inside the tire to keep the pillow in place. My (very) small dog loves it.

    Also tested the lazy susan with tins to keep pencils and all kraft essentials. It works wonder : I always know where the scisors, sticky tape, glue, colour pencils, etc., are. I covered all the tins with the same craft paper and it looks great.

    As for furniture : when I bought my house, there was not much money left for furniture. So I bought 20 pallets, plenty of castor wheels and made a beautiful sofa, plus a queen size bed for me and 2 single size beds for the kids. I had proper mattresses for the beds, but found a mattress on the kerb for the sofa, covered it with a nice blanket and made cushions with Ikea carpets, pillow inserts and zippers. It looked fantastic ! On the practical side, it’s great to move around when cleaning.

    I also bought old crates (on Gumtree, a bargain) and besser blocks (painted glossy white) to build a kind of library where all books, board games and (more !) kraft material took place.

    I will keep your post and show it to my daughter, she will love it and we probably will go to the Salvos for some great bargains.

    Thanks for the great post !

    1. Melissa Goodwin says:

      Wow – thank you for sharing Corinne. You have a talent for this! More than anything in the post above, you’ve inspired me. Thank you.