disaster preparation in 14 steps

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disaster preparationDisaster Preparation in 14 Steps

It’s easy to be blasé about disaster preparation. There’s lots of things to do day to day, let alone prepare for something that may never happen.

The problem is that disasters do happen, no matter where you live, and they happen more frequently than we like to admit.

Don’t get caught out. Take steps now to prepare for potential disasters. If you ever have to face a disaster, you will be thankful that you did.

To make disaster preparation easier, I’ve broken it down into 14 steps, starting with the most important steps first.

Just do one step each week, and before you know it, you’ll be disaster prepared.

Are you ready?

disaster preparation in 14 steps

Disaster Preparation – An Introduction

Day 1 – Update your Insurance

Action Steps:

Take time to review and update your insurances to make sure you are not under-insured.

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Day 2 – Stay Informed

Action steps:

  • Invest in a battery operated or hand-cranked radio (don’t forget spare batteries)
  • Bookmark the websites and follow the Facebook pages as outlined in the blog article

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Day 3 – Prepare an Emergency Plan

Action steps:

  • Prepare and discuss an emergency plan with your family
  • Create and print out emergency contacts lists

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Day 4 – Prepare a 72 Hour Grab and Go Bag

Action steps:

  • Prepare a 72 hour grab and go kit for each person in the household
  • Stock your car with a few emergency supplies

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Day 5 – Become More Independent

Action steps:

  • Start stocking your home with basic supplies

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Day 6 – Preparing Your Home

Action steps:

  • Take steps to help protect your home from damage during natural disasters

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Day 7 – Emergency Water Storage

Action steps:

  • Start building a stockpile of water

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Day 8 – Emergency Food Storage

Action steps:

  • Start building a stockpile of food

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Day 9 – Emergency Cooking

Action steps:

  • Consider alternate cooking methods in the case of a power outage

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Day 10 – Emergency Lighting

Action steps:

  • Invest in a couple of good torches and some spare batteries and one other alternate light source in the case of a power outage.

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Day 11 – Emergency Heating and Cooling

Action steps:

  • Consider how you would stay warm or cool during a power outage.

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Day 12 – Emergency Cash

Action steps:

  • Stash a little cash in case of an emergency.

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Day 13 – Important Documents

Action steps:

  • Organise and copy important documents.

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