22 Ways to Creatively Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls

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Be inspired and unleash your creativity with these ideas for upcycling toilet paper rolls. From stunning wall art to practical gift boxes, find lots of ideas.

upcycled toilet paper roll ideas

Who would have thought the humble loo roll could inspire so much creativity!?

But there are lots of things you can do with cardboard tubes besides recycle them or raise seedlings in them.

From kid’s craft projects to beautiful works of art; from practical gift boxes to whimsical Christmas crackers – there are lots of ways upcycle toilet paper rolls.

In this article, I’ve included 22 of them.

Sustainable Toilet Roll Crafts

The great thing about upcycling toilet rolls is that it’s a greener craft than buying more stuff from the store.


A lot of trees get cut down to make toilet paper, even though only 30% of the world’s population use toilet paper.

If you’re not ready to forgo that little luxury (I’m not!), then a good alternative is to buy toilet paper that is made from 100% recycled paper.

There are several options at the grocery store that are made from recycled paper. We get the Who Gives A Crap Brand because it’s 100% recycled and, as it’s a subscription, I don’t have to worry about the toilet paper running out.

And luckily, they stopped printing their logo on the on their toilet rolls, so they are good to upcycle.

Before you get to the rolls, you may also be interested in saving money on the toilet paper as well. Check out the article: How to Save Money on Toilet Paper.

Now, onto the upcycled crafts…

Ideas for Upcycling Toilet Rolls

Who knew you could do so many creative things with the humble toilet roll. Here are some inspirational ideas for upcycling toilet rolls.

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  1. Love all these ideas, to think I just compost my toilet rolls…what a waste! lol

  2. Great article… With kids on holidays now what a creative and cheap way to spend the day!

  3. Wow some clever and easy ideas to keep my kids busy during the school holidays. And with a family of 5, and 4 of us being female, it doesn’t take us long to collect a decent stash of loo rolls. Bring on the toilet roll art and craft!