How to Reduce Energy Costs Around the Home

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Does it feel like energy costs keep going up and up? On this page, you can find a whole heap of ways to reduce energy costs and save money on electricity.

reduce energy costs in the home
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On this page you’ll find a series of articles on how to save more money on electricity around the home by targeting each area of consumption, one at a time, starting with the biggest energy consumers in the home.

But before you can start cutting there are two steps to do first…

1. Cut Your Bills With an Energy Audit

The first step in cutting your energy costs is to know where you stand. How much energy do you currently use? Where can you make some smart changes to reduce energy consumption? Find out by doing a home energy audit.

how to conduct an energy audit and save

2. Compare Providers and Switch to a Better Deal

Are you getting the best deal on the market? Or are you paying more for your electricity than you have to? Take ten to compare energy providers and see if you can get a better deal.

3. Reduce the Cost of Cooling Your Home

Cooling is one of the big energy costs in the home. Here are some easy tips to lower the cost of cooling that can lead to big energy savings.

Reduce the cost of cooling your home

4. Reduce the Cost of Heating Your Home

Heating is up there with cooling when it comes to taking a big chunk out of your budget. Use these methods for staying warm without blowing the budget

reduce the cost of heating your home

5. Reducing hot water heating costs

Hot water heating can really add up. Here are some tips to minimise the cost.

reduce the cost of hot water heating

6. Reduce the Cost of Running Appliances

Next on the list are appliances. As our lives get more hi-tech, this category continues to get more expensive. Here are some ways to save

reduce the cost of running appliances

7. Reduce the cost of refrigeration

Your fridge and freezer make up about 8% of your energy bill. Maximise your savings with the strategies found here.

reduce the cost of refrigeration

8. Reduce the cost of lighting your home

Less lighting at night not only saves you money, it helps you get a good night’s sleep. In this article, you’ll find ways to reduce the cost of lighting. But I still don’t know the magic formula for getting the kids to turn out the lights!

reduce the cost of lighting your home

9. Reduce the cost of cooking

While cooking doesn’t account for much of the household energy expenditure, you can still take steps to maximise efficiency and save money. The good news is, a lot of the tips in this article will also save you time as well.

reduce the cost of cooking

10. Say no to Waste and Turn off standby power

Standby power isn’t a huge part of the electricity bill (unless you have a lot of appliances plugged in and on standby) but it’s an easy step to take to stop wasting energy and save some money as well. Here are some tips for switching off standby power.

Reduce Energy Waste and Turn Off Standby

Take a look at the way you use energy (energy audit) and then decide what practical steps you can take that suit your circumstances to reduce your energy consumption and save.

reduce energy costs in the home

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