15 Back-to-School Hacks to Make Life Easier

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School mornings can be crazy busy.

Getting the kids ready, making breakfast, getting yourself ready, looking for missing library books, finishing last-minute homework…

Some people are gifted at being organised. They are able to execute their morning routine with military precision and then sail out the door with nary a hair out of place.

I tend to be more a ‘sit in bed with a cup of tea and a good book until the last minute‘ kind of person.

In this article, I’m sharing tips from those who are more organised than I am.

Back-to-School Hacks That Make Life Easier

What are your tips for getting into the school routine?


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  1. I find we can’t use the compartment lunches boxes.
    At Kinder the first thing we did when going in the door was separate the lunch bag out into Fruit, drink, after kinder care. Lunch and snack were left in the cold bag. At snack time, they would go and get out their snack container.
    No way would one container work, we had to stick with small named containers in a cold lunch bag.

    Whilst at school there is no need to divide up the food in the morning, they get out what they need at certain times. So when they are getting brain food, it is best if they not dragging out their whole lunch to their desk in order to eat it.

    As for getting reading in the morning. Well, you just do it. I found I was so much more organised on the mornings that I got up early to exercise, rather than the other morning where I just kept on hitting snooze. I eat breakfast whilst packing the lunches for the day, getting four of them packed is a production line.

    1. I washed our compartment lunchbox for the first time this week – what a pain to wash!! The kindy the little fella is going to has stipulated 1 lunchbox only, but I’ll keep in mind keeping separate for next year. Thanks.

      I’ve fantasised about getting up and exercising in the mornings – does visualising it count?! :)

      Thanks for your comment – it’s always welcome and great to hear tips from other mums!

      1. Sorry had to come back. Biggest tip. Don’t over think it all. Every school/kinder, family and child is different. What works one year, term or week, may not work the next time around.

        I think sometimes we can spend too much time and energy looking for the ultimate solution/tip, when there isn’t one or it needs to be something you work out yourself.

        Oh and now to contradict myself. I do have a tip. Have lots of cold packs/bricks in the freezer. Guaranteed you will have that night where you forget to put it in the freezer or on hot days want to chuck in a extra ;)

        1. Well said! :) Very easy to over think it.

          (I use frozen drinks instead of ice blocks, sometimes the boxed juices, sometimes frozen refillable “disposable” drink bottles.)

      2. Melissa, check out “Smash” brand sandwich boxes. Great value. Compact and easy to stack. Hard wearing. Colour coded for larger families. (Label things with family name so younger kids can use with ease when passed along.) Often on 1/2 price or close sales- a cycle to these sales.
        When they are a bit old for lunches they are great for other household storage needs. From DVD/ CDs to extra school supplies. I’ve been using them for our whole family for years. outings, picnics, school etc. :)

        1. Thanks, I think that’s the one we have, great brand. Love the tip of labeling things with last names! Will do!

  2. Thanks for including my post! I’m looking forward to reading more on your site.

    I need to check out the uniform storage post because I struggle with that every year. I have 3 kids in Catholic school this year wearing uniforms. In 2 years, it will be 4 kids.

    1. Thanks Barb. I found it really hard to find tips on organising school uniforms – in Australia all kids wear uniforms.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Love your blog! I’ve been popping in every now and then for a couple of years now.

  3. before i even read beyond the intro i have to comment….DON’T GIVE UP THE MORNING CUPPA AND READ ROUTINE! Your ahead of the game here, even though you don’t know it. Next year will be home readers. Daily is best for learning. Just try to adjust the timing. (Earlier and set time to start, finish.) This gives you a wonderful wake up/ quality time and “homework” gets done stress free.

    1. Thanks Rachel, great advice. I haven’t even thought about learning to read yet, but you’re right, it would be a nice way to do the homework! :)

  4. Thank you! The sponge icebrick just reminded me… A damp face washer frozen in (reuseable) zip lock bag is also a great summer hack. Cool cloth to wipe hands and faces at lunch in summer!!!

    1. Wet face washer – we never leave home without it :). But I never thought to put one in with the school lunch!

  5. My two youngest are starting in a new primary school this year. They have a great system for notes/ newsletters/ homework/ library books etc. it is a large (A3? or close) zip up “pencil case”. It protects all the paperwork and keeps it together. It would be worth investing in one, for library books, newsletters, excursion notes etc.