35 Of The Best Craft Websites Across The Net

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Get inspired by some of the best craft websites on the internet.

35 best craft websites

Remember the internet before Pinterest?

Well way back before you could browse craft ideas on Pinterest, I wrote this post.

Since then it’s been updated many times to reflect the coming and going of some of my favourite craft blogs.

As an aside, while these craft websites are super inspirational, if you’re looking to learn a new skill or hone an existing one – may be to save some money by making your own stuff, or to earn a little extra cash – taking a professionally-taught online course is the way to fast-track your learning. Check out my article on learning new skills for an affordable way to upskill!

Without further ado, here are 35 of the best from across the web.

1. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

No list of craft websites would be complete without a link to Martha Stewart. A website about crafts and a whole lot more.

2. Better Homes and Gardens – America

Better Homes and Gardens

You’ve seen it on TV, now get the instructions to do it yourself.

3. Better Homes and Gardens – Australia

Better Homes and Gardens Australia

You’ve seen the show, you’ve read the mag, now get the projects for free online.

4. Crafting a Green World

Crafting a Green World

One of my favourite craft sites with lots of eco-friendly crafts.

5. Craftster.Org


A community of ‘craft hipsters’ offering thousands of projects and articles and an online community of crafters. One of the best online craft resources around.

6. Craft bits.com

Crafts Bits

Thousands of free projects and tutorials for all things crafty.

7. Craft gossip.com

Craft Gossip

Covers news written by craft people. This site brings the best craft projects and ideas from across the web and reviews them.

8. All Crafts


Thousands of free craft projects and patterns.

9. Craft freebies.com

Craft Freebies

Another site with thousands of free craft patterns, projects and printables.

10. Craftsy*


Online craft classes both free and paid.

11. Make and Takes.Com

Make and Takes

Ideas and crafty tidbits for home, family and fun.” A focus on kids crafts.

12. Design*Sponge

Design Sponge

A beautiful website with lots of lovely,, sophisticated projects.

13. Dollar Store Crafts

Dollar Store Crafts

A blog that focuses on cheap, chic and easy crafts.

14. Not Martha

Not Martha

Not Martha, but nevertheless jam packed full of craft projects.

15. Craft Stylish

Craft Stylish

Lots of different craft projects.

16. The Idea Room

The Idea Room

Creative ideas to inspire women and families.

17. i heart naptime

I Heart Naptime

That golden hour when you can actually get things done. Don’t waste it on cleaning, craft instead!

18. Creative Portal

Creative Portal

Something a little bit different: resources and inspiration for not only crafters but also artists and writers.

19. 30 Minute Crafts

30 minute crafts

Short on time? Check out this site for 30, 15 and 10-minute crafts.

20. Craft leftovers.com

Craft Leftovers

Patterns, projects and a few extras. Slanted towards using what’s on hand in the stash.

21. Ikea Hackers

Ikea Hackers

Who doesn’t love Ikea? Why settle for boring old store-bought when you can hack it into something spectacular?!

22. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

Not so much a mess as beautifully creative.

23. Totally Tutorials

Totally Tutorials

A directory of free tips, tricks, craft tutorials, how-tos, patterns, recipes, and more.”

24. Positively Splendid

Positively Splendid

Projects with heart and soul.

25. A Little Craft in Your Day

A little craft in your day

Craft blog run by enterprising teenagers.

26. Make


Makezine has changed a lot from when I first included it in the best of list. Less Craft and more other DIY, but still very cool.

27. Crafter-holic


A blog dedicated to all things crafty.

28. CraftyPod


Longtime crafty blogger.

29. Spoonflower Blog

Spoonflower Blog

A blog about crafting for the average person.


31. How Does She

How Does She

Crafting and DIY as well as a whole lot of other information you didn’t know you needed to know.

32. Skip to My Lou

Skip to my Lou

Lots of great projects, patterns, downloads and inspiration.

33. Happy Hour Projects

Happy Hour Projects

Craft projects for the time-poor.

34. The Silly Pearl

The Silly Pearl

Crafting for your home and family.

35. The Crafty Angels

The Crafty Angels

For something a bit different, an Indian craft blog.

Ok, it says 35, but I’ve found some more good ones, and I had to add them:

36. Fine Craft Guild

Lots of inspiring crafts to choose from.

37. FaveCrafts


Honourable mentions

With so many wonderful craft blogs and websites out there, how is it possible to only choose 35?! Here are a few other great craft blogs to check out.

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  1. Does anyone have ideas for crafting up these? http://www.ikea.com/aa/en/catalog/products/40169054 from Dish clothes, small handtowels to facewashers. So useful. Easy to wash, use and replace when needed. I would love to gift some, but want to make it personal with some simple craft ideas.
    Any ideas?

  2. RE: One hour crafts- I just went for a look and :( the blog has finished. Details about the change are attached to the link, but no blog. Doh! I missed it :(
    Thought others might like to know.

  3. I like the washcloth idea. Could you hem a towel with a ribbon sewn into it?? Or embroider onto it? We have a baby one with an aplique fish on it and another with a machine embroidered octopus that are nice.

    Sorry about the broken link – I really need to get onto fixing those. As an alternative, I’ll share my best kept secret that I recently discovered:



    Actually, I should do another post, I have so many good craft blogs in my feed reader (that aren’t on this list) it’s not funny!

  4. I found a great crafting website within Dollar General! It’s called DIY @ DG – check it out! It has different categories for various skill levels and audiences.