45 Awesome Free Bag Making Tutorials

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Make a useful gift with these free bag making tutorials.

45 awesome free bag tutorials

Bags are a great project for a beginner sewer. The patterns are usually easier than, say, clothing and you don’t have to worry so much about getting the fit right. They are also super useful and make a great gift!

Please note: Some authors ask that you don’t use their patterns and tutorials to make bags for commercial purposes, so check out their site for copyright details.

45 Awesome Bag Tutorials

Sew your own gorgeous bags using one of these free tutorials

Looking for more free bag making tutorials? Check out the companion article here. This will give you nearly 100 to choose from!

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  1. I was checking something on google and found out that my bag tutorial (The Eternal Beauty bag) is mentioned here. I just wanted to say thanks for including it. It’s my first tutorial so I’m glad it got included!

    Daphna – Januar Designs

    1. I love your bag design and tutorial – it’s great.

  2. Hey, thanks for the mention of my makeup bag tutorial! If you love bag tutorials you can also check out my “charm pack rag quilt bag. I think it is pretty popular and one of my better tutorials. Nice blog!

  3. Thank you for mentioning my scrappy bag tutorial!
    Ciao from Rome, Italy! :)

  4. I would pay if they were under $5.00, but not $10.00.
    Cute bags though.

  5. Hi Mel, awesome site! I am so-o-o glad i have subscribed to your posts.

    About the poll though, 10 USD are like 500 in the currency where I’m at and I can buy almost 10 cool bags in that.. rip them up and make patterns out of them for using for myself… so would I pay $10.. uhm.. no! :D

  6. Thanks for posting this wonderful list of bag tutorials. I am new to sewing and am having a great time trying out these fun tutorials!

    1. Ta. I’m a learner sewer and have made a few of these myself.

  7. New to sewing and hoping to try something these out.

  8. claire gale says:

    thanks so much for all the great tutorials…..hmmm now deciding which one to make :)

  9. Hi Claire, thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah, there’s lots of good ones, I’ve made a few now.

  10. amazing stuff , really thank you very much on sharing this with us

  11. What does it mean where the name of the bag is crossed out?

    I really love finding round up posts for things I haven’t started doing yet but want to. I have LOTS of old tshirts that I want to turn into bags so this will almost certainly be a jumping off point for me, when I get into sewing!

    1. Hi Kelli,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately as this post is over a year old now, the crossed out name means the link is broken because the website no longer exists or it has been changed. I will update the post sometime in the future, time permitting.

  12. these bags are so nice! going to try them! however for many of the links, not just the crossed out ones, says that it was removed.

    1. Thanks Lauren, I will have to look into that. It’s an old article, many of these websites will have been shut down, so maybe time for a new one with new links!

  13. Hi, this is a GREAT resource. I am a new sewer and definitely appreciate your taking the time to post this info. Have a beautiful day. Tamara :)

    1. Thanks Tamara, hope your sewing goes well, I’m a novice sewer also, and love sewing bags because they’re pretty easy.

  14. I LOVE the envelope make up bad. I was about to buy one this weekend but now I think I’ll make it :]

  15. Good luck with the make up bag Damie!

  16. I need to know how to do as sew margaret bag. I still have patterns but no directions tht I need to know abt it. Pls let me know abt it. Thank you roslyn

    1. The author of the Margaret bag pattern has retired the post. I have no control over that, I’m sorry.

  17. All the bags are just beatuiful and thank U so much for sharing this with us who needs a lot of help trying to learn to sew on the internet! I have also Pinterest this.

  18. Thanks Ellen! Ah Pinterest, I spend too much time on Pinterest :)

    I hope your sewing adventures go well. As a beginner myself, I find bags are a great project to sew. Very satisfying.

  19. This is just such a neat collection..you sure must have put some time in for this… will try to make atleast a couple of these adorable bags…

  20. I am always looking for new ideas for my next projects. I found the bag projects posted here very interesting and I am going to use one right away!Very cute and practical! Thank you very much for sharing.

  21. Greetings from South Africa, I am a 54 year old male who enjoys to sew. I have created my own version of the “shopping bag” simply because I HATE plastic bags.

    I am certainly going to try and create some of your bags the instructions are clear and simple.

    I have found your blog most helpful indeed.

    Best regards.

  22. Whoa, perfect! I was looking for project bag ideas and ways to use up (okay, I lie — for excuses to buy) fat quarters. Thanks so much for doing all the legwork. This must have been a pain to compile, but what an awesome resource.

    (And as a bonus, I have a new blog to read while pretending to work tomorrow! Sweet!)

  23. karen guest says:

    i would like the pattern to the AVA bag. I clicked on it and i got a blank page.

    Thank you

  24. karen guest says:

    wrong…i meant the JENNY bag! I have been looking at tooo many sites.

    1. I’ve had a look and from what I can see the tutorial has been moved. I’m afraid I have no control over other sites – I recommend that you contact the owner of the blog Lola…again.

  25. Hi there..just want to say thanks! I’m enjoying this.
    Just a tip..the Oragami purse (when you click- it’s nothing but spam)

    1. I’m so glad you were able to update the link to my Origami Bag Tutorial – now there’s just a couple of typos in my name but it links to the right place. Thanks!

      1. Melissa Goodwin says:

        Sorry about that, it’s a big job. All fixed now I think.