47 Clever Household Tips that Make Running a Household Easier

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Want to make your life that little bit easier? Here are 47 clever household tips that will help make running a household easier.

47 ideas that make running a household easier

I don’t know about you, but juggling work, kids, extra-curricular activities, caring duties, community work, life admin, and running the household is hard work.

So the more household hacks that I can use to make things easier, the better.

Obviously, the best hack is delegating and sharing the duties amongst the family. Chores are good for kids and take a bit of work off the parent’s plate.

But if you have kids, then you know that delegating chores (and reminding, and reminding, and reminding) is a job in itself!

So the following tips complement the teamwork by helping everyone save time cleaning, cooking, managing the paperwork and doing the day-to-day tasks of running a household.

Ideas for Making Household Cleaning a Breeze

make cleaning easier

Cleaning is not my favourite task, but it needs to be done. Throw a new puppy into the household, and suddenly there’s a whole lot more cleaning that needs to be done!

Below are some tips from experts around the web for getting the cleaning done as efficiently as possible.

My favourite cleaning tips include doing less and being ok with imperfect.

  1. Tips to make laundry easy from Mary Organizes
  2. Easy laundry routine from Mums Make Lists
  3. Four daily routines to keep your house clean enough from The Inspired Room
  4. No fuss cleaning routine from Mama’s Got it Together
  5. Use Google calendar to schedule your cleaning and maintenance schedule from Frugal and Thriving
  6. Decluttering for busy people from Frugal and Thriving
  7. Speed cleaning from Living Well Spending Less
  8. Age-appropriate chores for kids (because if you can outsource it, it’s even easier) from The Happy Housewife
  9. Kid’s chore baskets (also a good idea for adults) from Skinny with Jess
  10. Toy Ransom for chores from Just Another Day in Paradise

Tips for Managing the Household Budget

make money management easier

The household budget is one area I’ve got under control. Budgeting and paying the bills still take up time, though.

The great thing about modern living is there’s an app that can help make things easier.

  1. Get your budget on autopilot with an easy budget plan from Frugal and Thriving.
  2. Create a bill payment system so you never forget to pay a bill from Frugal and Thriving.
  3. Budgeting Apps for Australians from Frugal and Thriving.
  4. Apps that will Save Aussies money from Frugal and Thriving.
  5. (And for our lovely US readers) Best Budgeting Apps for Americans from Investopedia.

Organise Like a Pro to Save Time and Stress

make organising your home easier

Some days I feel like my kids’ PA. Between school, scouts, and girl guides, there is sooo much paperwork or correspondence.

Then there’s all the regular paperwork of running a household, like bills and insurance etc. A digital personal knowledge management system is pretty much a must for running households these days – or a household binder.

  1. Create a command centre from Uncommon Designs Online
  2. Office space organisation from I Dream of Clean
  3. Organising paperwork from One Good Thing by Jillee
  4. File crate system from Domestic Serenity
  5. Create a household binder from Frugal and Thriving
  6. Contacts list printables for binder from Frugal and Thriving
  7. Use evernote to keep track of your wardrobe needs from Frugal and Thriving
  8. Evernote for list makers from Frugal Guidance 2
  9. Using evernote for gift giving from Lifehacker
  10. How to be completely organised (or is it a pipe dream) Modern Parents Messy Kids

Eight Nifty Ways to Make Dinnertime Easier

make dinners easier

Meal time again.

After a long, busy day.

Here are some tips for making meal times easier.

  1. Meal rotation for easy menu planning from Frugal and Thriving
  2. Putting your menu plan on autopilot from Money Saving Mom
  3. Crockpot Freezer meals from Baked in the South
  4. 10 Freezer Meals in One Hour from Living Well Spending Less
  5. What you can and cannot freeze from Once a Month Meals
  6. How to fill your freezer in 30 minutes a day from Premeditated Leftovers
  7. Batch cook with friends from Mama Bake
  8. Big batch cooking tips from Chatelaine

Save Money on the Groceries eBook

Grocery shopping on a tight budget

For more ways to meal plan and save money on groceries, check out the eBook Plan Cook Save: How to Eat Well When Money is Tight and Time is Short.

*Learn how to set the right grocery budget for your circumstances.

*Find out the easiest and quickest way to reduce the grocery bill.

*Discover a meal planning strategy that will only take you a couple of minutes a week but will save you hours.

How to Make School (and Work) Lunches Easier

make lunches easier

Beat the morning rush with these lunchbox tips.

  1. Snack organisation for the kids to help themselves from Little Penelope Lane
  2. School planning Sunday from Organized Junkie
  3. Make ahead lunches from 5 Dinners 1 Hour
  4. Lunch ideas checklist from Meet the Dubiens
  5. School lunch station from Uncommon Design Online

Eight Brilliant Breakfast Ideas

make breakfasts easier

A good breakfast is a great way to start the day.

We often start the day with porridge made in the rice cooker, although we’ve jumped on board the overnight Weet-bix trend (Weetabix in the UK and US elsewhere), and that’s a delicious alternative.

  1. 30+ Make ahead, grab and go, and easy fix breakfasts from Atta Girl Says
  2. Rice Cooker Porridge from Frugal and Thriving
  3. Back to school freezer breakfasts from Organize Yourself Skinny
  4. 5 Healthy breakfasts to make the night before from Skinny Ms
  5. Batch cook breakfast from Life As Mom
  6. Healthy yoghurt station from Honey We’re Healthy
  7. Homemade muffin mix from Little House Living
  8. Instant pancake mix from Something swanky

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