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free skirt tutorials

[Post updated Jan 17]

I’m all for recovering lost skills. Sure it’s easy (and sometimes cheaper) to buy a mass-produced garment at the store. But making your own allows you to create your own unique clothing that comes with the satisfaction of being able to say ‘I made it myself.’

Skirts are an easy garment to start with if you’re learning to sew.

All of the skirt tutorials below don’t require commercial patterns and are either pattern-less or they show you how to draw up your own easy pattern.

That way, your skirt will fit you perfectly.

These skirts include a variety of styles, sewing techniques, difficulty levels and funky inspiration, so there’s something here for everyone.

Mix and match styles and techniques to make your own perfect style.

As usual, these tutorials are usually for personal use only, not commercial use, consult each individual website for details.

For more easy sewing patterns, check out the bag making tutorials post.

Free Skirt Tutorials

Simple A-Line Skirts

20 Minute Skirt from Grosgrain | Frugal and Thriving

20 minute skirt @ Grosgrain

Fast and Cheap Skirt from Polka Dot Cottage | Frugal and Thriving

Fast and cheap skirt @ Polka Dot Cottage

5 minute skirt from angry chicken

5 minute skirt @ Angry Chicken

Ruffled pencil skirt from Elizabeth Avenue | Frugal and Thriving

Ruffled pencil skirt @ Elizabeth Avenue

Bias cut skirt from Instructables | Frugal and Thriving

Bias cut skirt @ Instructables

Simple gathered skirt from the Eternal Magpie | Frugal and Thriving

Simple gathered skirt @ The Eternal Magpie

gathered skirt fromTuts+ | Frugal and Thriving

Gathered skirt @ Tuts+

Ruffle skirt from Sew Mama Sew | Frugal and Thriving

Ruffle skirt @ Sew Mama Sew

Ruffle linen skirt from Amazing Mae | Frugal and Thriving

Ruffled linen skirt @ Amazing Mae

6 gore skirt turorial from Mollytov | Frugal and Thriving

6 gore skirt @ Mollytov

draft a skirt with godets from The Sewing Divas | Frugal and Thriving

Draft a godet skirt @ The Sewing Divas

Easy Maxy skirt from Big Boo Little Boo | Frugal and Thriving

Easy maxi skirt @ Big Boo Little Boo

 Wrap Skirts

Reversible Wrap Skirt from Makezine | Frugal and Thriving

Reversible wrap skirt @ Makezine

wrap skirt from Cut out and Keep | Frugal and Thriving

Wrap around skirt @ Cut out and Keep

Wrap skirt pattern drafting from Sew Mama Sew | Frugal and Thriving

Wrap skirt pattern drafting @ Sew Mama Sew

Layered Wrap Skirt from Craftster | Frugal and Thriving

Layered wrap skirt @ Craftster

Layered wrap skirt from Sew a Straight Line | Frugal and Thriving

Domesticated skirt @ Sew a Straight Line

Full Coverage Wrap Skirt from Melissa Esplin | Frugal and Thriving

Full coverage wrap skirt @ Melissa Esplin

 Peasant Skirts

Peasant Skirt from Joanne Creative | Frugal and Thriving

Coloured peasant skirt @ Joanne Creative

Peasant Skirt from Be Sew Stylish | Frugal and Thriving

Peasant skirt @ Be Sew Stylish

Summer Swing Skirt from Moda Bakeshop | Frugal and Thriving

Summer swing skirt @ Moda Bakeshop

Petticoat skirt from The Anti Craft

The petticoat skirt @ The Anti Craft

Tiered peasant skirt from Totally Stichen' | Frugal and Thrivng

Tiered peasant skirt from Totally Stichin’

Patchy tiered skirt from The Imaginary Worlds

Patchy tiered skirt @ The Imaginary Worlds

 Pleated Skirts

Box pleat skirt from Made by Me and Shared with You | Frugal and Thriving

Box pleat skirt @ Made by Me and Shared with You

Pleated Chevron Skirt from Sewing in No Mans Land | Frugal and Thriving

Pleated Chevron Skirt @ Sewing in No Man’s Land

Guilded skirt from Elle Apparel | Frugal and Thriving

Guilded skirt @ Elle Apparel

 Circle Skirts

Tablecloth circle skirt from Wipster | Frugal and Thriving

Tablecloth circle skirt @ Wipster

Easy circle skirt from Merricks Art | Frugal and Thriving

Easy circle skirt @ Merricks Art

Striped circle skirt from Craftster | Frugal and Thriving

Striped circle skirt @ Craftster

 Panelled Skirts

Panel Circle skirt from Better Homes and Gardens | Frugal and Thriving

Panel circle skirt @ Better Homes & Gardens

Fishtail skirt from Katafalk | Frugal and Thriving

Fishtail skirt @ Katafalk

2 colour twirly skirt from Craft Stylish | Frugal and Thriving

Two coloured t-shirt twirly skirt @ Craft Stylish

Maternity Skirts

Maternity Skirt from Boulevard Designs | Frugal and Thriving

Maternity skirt @ Boulevard Designs
(altered this pattern)

Maternity skirt from See Mommy Sew | Frugal and Thriving

Maternity skirt @ See Mommy Sew

Maternity skirt from Jeans and t-shirt from Homemade by Jill | Frugal and Thriving

Maternity skirt from jeans and a t-shirt @ Homemade by Jill

Recycled Skirts

Mans shirt skirt from Recycled Lovelies | Frugal and Thriving

Man’s shirt skirt @ Recycled Lovelies

Scrap skirt from Craft Stylish | Frugal and Thriving

Scrap skirt @ Crafty Stylish

Tablecloth skirt from V and Co. | Frugal and Thriving

Tablecloth skirt @ V and Co.

Denim maxi skirt from Trinkets in Bloom | Frugal and Thriving

Recycled denim maxi skirt @ Trinkets in Bloom

T-shirt to skirt from Out of Order Design | Frugal and Thriving

T-shirt to skirt @ Out of Order Design

Repurposed skirt from Art Gallery Fabrics | Frugal and Thriving

Repurposed skirt @ Art Gallery Fabrics

Girl’s Skirts

Twirly Skirt from House on Hill Road | Frugal and Thriving

Twirly skirt @ House on Hill Road

Stripework skirt from Mother Ginger Mama | Frugal and Thriving

Stripework skirt @ Mother Ginger Mama

Charm skirt from The Merry Church Mouse | Frugal and Thriving

Charm skirt @ The Merry Church Mouse

Twirly Skirt from 7 Layer Studio | Frugal and Thriving

Twirly skirt @ 7 Layer Studio

Ruffle Skirt from Grand Revival Designs | Frugal and Thriving

Ruffle skirt @ Grand Revival Designs

Layered Princess Skirt from Karlene's Workshop

Layered princess skirt @ Karlene’s Workshop

Circle skirt from Made | Frugal and Thriving

Circle skirt @ Made

Jeans to twirly skirt from Shelly Made | Frugal and Thriving

Jeans to twirly skirt @ Shelly Made

30 minute skirt from old t-shirt from Monkey see Monkey Do | Frugal and Thriving

30 minute skirt from old T-shirt @ Monkey See Monkey Do

Something a bit different

Bubble skirt refashion from Ruffles and Stuff | Frugal and Thriving

Bubble skirt refashion @ Ruffles and Stuff

Lolita skirt from Dark Muse | Frugal and Thriving

Lolita skirt @ Dark Muse

Full Gathered Skirt from Gerties Blog | Frugal and Thriving

Full gathered skirt @ Gertie’s Blog

Gypsy skirt from Craftster | Frugal and Thriving

Gypsy Skirt @ Craftster

Belly Dancing Skirt from Wonder How To | Frugal and Thriving

Belly Dancing skirt @ Wonder How To

Eight pointed star skirt from Life on the Run | Frugal and Thriving

Eight point star skirt @ Life on the Run

Fairy skirt from Karlene's workshop | Frugal and Thriving

Fairy skirt @ Karlene’s Workshop

Burlesque skirt from Cut out and Keep | Frugal and Thriving

Burlesque bustle skirt @ Cut Out and Keep

Victorian skirt from Steampunk Fashion | Frugal and Thriving

Victorian skirt @ Steampunk Fashion

Elsa skirt from Angela Clayton's Creations | Frugal and Thriving

Elsa Skirt @ Angela Clayton’s Creations

Tulle skirt from Maria Just Do It | Frugal and Thriving

Tulle skirt @ Maria Just Do It

Bustle Skirt by Bones and Lillies

Easy bustle skirt from Bones and Lillies

48 + Free Skirt Tutorials


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  1. Help! I was needing to make the Victorian bustle skirt before next weekend but the website that it links to is being “repaired” at the moment. Does anyone have a pattern for it or something like it??

  2. Wow. Can I just…I mean…I am speechless at how helpful this is. Wowowow. Thank you soooooo much for putting these all in place. I won’t have to go anywhere else. It’s absolutely divine. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

  3. Hi, I love the maternity skirt in pic 25, but the link goes to a totally different skirt! Do you know what the actual link is? Thanks!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I was looking everywhere for a pattern or anything for a fishtail skirt but not a single one was right at all! I don’t think I would have found this one without your compilation, and its perfect!

  5. Liz, if you’re out there, I hope you get to read this comment. I’ve tried replying to your email several times, and each time it bounces. So please don’t think I’ve ignored you, I’m trying to reach you!
    To answer your question, if you’re interesting in particular fabrics used in the tutorials for the skirts or bags, please contact the blog owners for each tutorial and they will be able to tell you about the fabric used.
    Thanks, hope you get this message.

  6. This is marvelous! As another said this is the only link I need for skirts:) thankyou for your effort-we appreciate it;)

  7. Thanks so much for compiling a list of so many different types of skirts! I have a body shape that doesn’t like pants, so skirts are my friend. But the shapeless plus size skirts in stores are just awful, or so far out of my price range. Now with these patterns I can make my own at a low cost in whatever colour or fabric I like, and not needing one of those tissue paper patterns where I’d need to alter it several times to fit wide hips and rear with a smaller waistline. Thanks so much!

  8. Wow! Great list. I’m going to bookmark it and feature it one of my skirt sewing roundups on my blog here:


    By the way, Here’re a few skirt tutorials I have written:


    I hope you would like them and add them to your list.


  9. I think this list of links is fantastic for a beginner like me trying to work out what sort of skirt I want to sew!

    The other one I came accross that I love is space fm’s calculator for working out a simple skirt pattern starting from the amount of material you have. Save’s fabric wastage!


  10. thanks for this informative, well researched post…until now I didn’t know the skirt I was looking for was “godet”

  11. Wow! Some great skirts! Cannot wait to get a chance to make one!

    Number 44 says it is a link to make a belly dancing skirt but goes to a cos-play skirt tutorial…

  12. Thanks for sharing my skirt tutorial! Such a great round up from across the web. I’ll definitely be keeping this for future reference!

    xoxo, Elizabeth

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