50 + Homemade Ice Block Recipes that Will Hit the Spot this Summer

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Cool down with one of these refreshing homemade ice block recipes. With over 50 to choose from, there’s something for all tastes.

What better way to enjoy summer than with homemade ice blocks?

And who would have thought there were so many flavours?!

If you’re looking for homemade ice block recipes, you’ll find something to please everyone right here.

Before you get started, you’ll need some sort of ice block mould.

Reusable cups and pop sticks work well, but if you’re going to make a lot of ice blocks, you’ll want to get something reusable.

When it comes to ice block moulds, there are heaps on the market to choose from.

We use these silicone moulds (Amazon link), which fit nicely in our tiny freezer. I can stick them individually in the gaps rather than have to make room for a whole tray of ice blocks.

Having said that, we also have these moulds (Amazon) for when the freezer isn’t so full. What I love about these is the bottom catches the drips, which you can then drink through the attached straw.

Next, you’ll need a recipe and below are 60 to inspire you.

Before we get to the recipes, there are two cheat ice blocks that I do with the kids that are super easy when you’re in a pinch.

The first is blending up a tin of fruit in natural juice. Add the fruit and the juice to the blender, and away you go.

The other super easy ice block that is popular in our house is plain water.

Yes, my kids are still young enough to think that plain water ice blocks are the coolest (on hot days, they just want cold and refreshing) and old enough to make them themselves whenever they want.

If that’s a little boring, you can freeze store-bought juice instead.

Now on to the recipes.

Homemade Ice Block Recipes

Here are a variety of ice block recipes and ideas from around the web. Most are for kids, but the ones at the end are just for adults.

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    1. Melissa Goodwin says:

      You could make some ice blocks with apple juice. Yum!

  1. Lyn Wallis says:

    My Aunt used to make custard ice blocks for us whenever we went to visit. I’ve never been able to find out just how she made these ice blocks but would love to make some.
    Can you suggest where I could find a recipe?

    1. Yum, custard ice blocks. Haven’t seen a recipe. You could try freezing custard and seeing how that goes. Real ice cream is basically a frozen and churned custard.