printable fruit, vegetable and herb storage guide

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Printable Fruit and Vegetable Storage Guide from Frugal and Thriving Wasted food that ends up in the bin without being eaten makes up an alarmingly large proportion of the average grocery bill.

When food goes to waste, it’s the same as throwing your hard earned money in the bin.

On average, Australians throw away 20% of food purchased. If your average weekly grocery spend is $250 and 20% goes in the bin then you’re throwing away $2,600 a year!!

One of the reasons fruit and vegetables go to waste is because they deteriorate before they are used.

While good menu planning ensures you aren’t buying food that you’re not going to use, proper storage ensures what you do buy doesn’t go bad before you have a chance to eat it.

Today’s post is a downloadable, printable PDF guide to storing fruit and vegetables. Print it out and stick it to your fridge or place it in your household binder so you can refer to it when you’re unpacking the fruit and veg.

If your fruit and vegetables do end up looking a little worse for wear, don’t throw them out just yet, see if you can revive them first.

And if you’ve bought extra fruit and vegetables or you don’t use what you’ve bought for whatever reason, check out ways on how to use them up so they don’t go to waste or freeze them for later.

Please note, if you live in a really hot, humid climate, ‘room temperature’ might not be cool enough to store fruit and vegetables on the bench or in the pantry and you may have to store all your fruit and veg in the fridge during the hottest months.

You can download the PDF storage guide here or click on the picture below.

Click to download the Printable Fruit and Vegetable Storage Guide


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  1. The fridge is actually a great way of dehydrating some veg. Have you ever found that mushroom paper bag hidden in the fridge with disreputable DRY things in it.Don’t throw them away,take the bag out of the fridge and put in the sunlight for about a week this will complete the dehydration and then store in a jar . You can keep them in the fridge still if you want.
    Whole unpeeled carrots (not in the crisper) will dry too.
    But a vegetable has to be completely unusable to not get used in my house.Even clean veg peelings,pea pods if you have them all top cuttings,root ends of spring onions.Just save them up in the freezer then put into a pot and make stock then freeze in whatever quantity you want. Any meat bones (that haven’t been chewed) including chicken carcases bacon rinds etc. roast them (it intensifies the flavour)and then use as a base for stock with veg scraps.

  2. Hi, this may seem like a really stupid question but will this list be the same all over the world? Living in the UK our temperatures are different to yours, can I still use it do you think?


    1. Yep. And it will probably be easier in the UK as your temps are cooler (unless you have central heating on). I live in the sub-tropics so I have to store practically everything in the fridge in summer.