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Looking for a fun and inexpensive hamper idea? Why not try an easy ice cream gift basket made from items you can pick up at the supermarket.

ice cream gift basket

An ice cream hamper is an easy, inexpensive last-minute gift that is sure to please whoever you give it too.

This fun hamper can be assembled from items you pick up during your next grocery shop.

But to make this hamper even more inexpensive, look out for catalogue specials and save on the items you put in the hamper.

What to Put in Your Ice Cream Hamper

  • ice cream cones or waffle/wafer cones
  • chocolate and or caramel sauce
  • sprinkles
  • crushed nuts
  • glace cherries
  • choc chips
  • lollies
  • mini marshmallows

To round out the hamper, you might like to also include an inexpensive ice cream scoop and a tea towel to line your hamper.

How Do You Give Ice Cream as a Gift?

The problem with giving an ice cream hamper is that you can’t put ice cream in it because it will melt and the condensation will make everything else wet.

There are two ways around this if you want to make your ice cream hamper complete.

First is that you can put the ice cream in at the very last minute and then give the hamper straight away. The recipient can then return the ice cream in the freezer until they get home.

If that’s not practical, a great alternative is to add a $5 or $10 gift card to the hamper so that the recipient can use it to buy ice cream. That rounds out the hamper without the worry of melted ice cream.

How to make up your hamper

The first thing you’ll need is a container, basket or box to put your hamper items in.

You can pick up gift boxes cheaply at the discount store or you can recycle a small box like a shoebox. To snazzy the shoebox up, cover it paper, gift wrap or paint it.

Alternatively, you can find baskets in second-hand stores or use storage containers from discount stores.

Once you’ve picked your box or basket, line it with a tea towel or some paper.

Next, you’ll need to grab your hamper items and arrange them inside the box.

You can add items like sprinkles or sauces just as they are, or you can buy bulk and decant into small jars or packets. That way you can make a few hampers and save money. Use small recycled jars or you can buy small jars at the discount store.

DIY gift bags are east to make. You can find the instructions to make your own gift bags here.

Then it’s time to wrap your hamper. If you are using a basket or box without a lid, you can use clear cellophane to wrap your hamper. Tie it with a ribbon for a decorative finish.

For a less plastic version, simply put the lid on the box and tie it off with ribbon or twine.

Finally, add a label or gift card and your hamper is ready to give.

For more details on making up a hamper, check out the instructions here.

Ice cream gift baskets are inexpensive to make and easy – just grab the ingredients from your supermarket. But this is a last-minute gift that looks anything but last-minute. It’s a fun gift to receive and one your recipient will love.

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