DIY Gift Basket For Men – Men’s Food Gift Hamper +Additional Ideas

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The special man in your life will love this DIY gift basket for men. Make a lux gift hamper for him on a budget by filling it with things you know he will enjoy.

DIY Gift Basket For Men

Making a gift basket for a man can be a little more difficult than it can be for a woman. For women, there are lots of nice little kitsch things to include. Not so much for a bloke.

Food and drink, however, are always things that will be used and can be a great gift for the person who has everything and doesn’t need or want anything.

Here are some ideas for a food gift hamper for the man in your life, check out other hamper themed ideas for men at the bottom of this article.

What to Put in a Men’s Hamper

what to put in a men's hamper flat lay

Exactly what you put in your gift hamper will depend on the tastes of your recipient. Be guided by what they like and will appreciate. Here are some ideas to get the inspiration flowing:

  • Beer, wine or spirits
  • soft drink
  • coffee or tea
  • chocolate
  • home baking
  • homemade or purchased relish or chutney
  • snacks
  • nuts
  • biscuits (cookies)
  • chocolate
  • BBQ spice rub
  • BBQ sauce
  • beef jerky
  • coffee cup/travel mug
  • beer glass
  • bottle opener
  • water bottle
  • socks
  • pyjamas
  • hat
  • book
  • magazine
  • journal

For more ideas, check out the low-waste gift guide.

How to Save Money on Your Gift

Save money on hamper items by keeping an eye on catalogue sales and buying items when they are 50%.

All of the food items in the hamper pictured were purchased at the supermarket at 50% off. The ginger beer was 30% off. And I was able to use reward points so that took the price down nearly to zero!

The beer was $4.30 from Uncle Dan’s and the coffee was $6 from a local coffee store. To save on coffee, purchase it half-price from the supermarket.

To buy the (branded) keep cup new is around $16 but again, keep an eye out for sales, clearance items or second-hand cups.

You can also get unbranded reusable cups and travel mugs for less than $10 at discount stores.

Other ways to save is to make your own hamper items or buy some items second-hand (like a magazine or book).

How to Pack a Men’s Gift Hamper

Skip the traditional basket for a men’s hamper and opt for a crate or box that can be reused for storage.

Or for a cheaper option, use a cardboard gift box, which can also be reused or decorate an old shoe box.

For more details on how to pack a hamper, check out the article: How to Make a Personalised Gift Hamper for Any Occasion.

And for more ideas on what to put in a gift hamper, including more ideas for men, check out the article, Easy DIY Hamper Ideas for Under $30.

If you’re looking for a gift for the hard-to-buy-for man in your life, a specially curated DIY gift basket for men might be just the thing. Personalise it by putting things in it you know he will like and appreciate.

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