Gift Basket Ideas For Teenagers That They Will Actually Like

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Create a unique and personalised gift full of things your teenager or young adult will like with these gift basket ideas for teenagers.

DIY gift hampers are the perfect gift for three reasons.

The first is that you can collect a selection of small, inexpensive items and combine them into a substantial gift that someone will really appreciate.

The second is that unlike pre-made hampers, you can personalise the gift to your recipient, putting things in you know they will like.

The third is that it’s super fun for you to put together a hamper. Shopping sales and finding little bits and bobs to go into it can feel like a bit of a treasure hunt.

And who doesn’t like to receive a basket full of treasure?

Gift Basket Ideas For a Teen

Below are lots of ideas of what you can put in a teen’s gift hamper. The idea isn’t to put all of them in, just select a few you think your recipient will like.

Ideas include:

  • a book
  • magazine
  • a journal
  • pens and stationery
  • an art book/journal
  • art materials or craft materials
  • chocolate
  • tea/coffee/ soft drink
  • a travel mug
  • regular mug
  • reusable water bottle
  • snacks
  • toiletries or spa items
  • makeup brushes
  • lip balm
  • nail polish and nail tools
  • themed socks
  • hat from a favourite sports team
  • t-shirt
  • headphones
  • leather wrist band
  • scarf
  • thongs (flip flops)
  • handmade costume jewellery (or a kit to make their own)
  • car care kit
  • keyring
  • kitchen equipment
  • baking equipment
  • video game
  • phone case (these can be picked up cheaply on eBay – just check they are the right fit the phone)
  • wallet or purse
  • tote bag
  • small bag
  • family recipe book
  • hairbrush or hair accessories
  • playing cards

For more gift hamper ideas, check out the article Easy DIY Gift Hamper Ideas.

If you’re wondering about the books pictured in this article, they are:

Check out Book Depository’s bargain shop for book deals and use a cashback site when shopping online to save even more.

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How to Save Money on Gift Hamper Items

The key to putting together a great gift basket on a budget is planning ahead of time and keeping an eye out on sale items.

If you purchase everything at half-price, you can put together a $40 gift basket for $20.

As well as sale items, keep an eye out for clearance items that can be repackaged in a gift hamper. You can get great hamper items for up to 90% off this way.

Another option is to look for second-hand items. Books, magazine, mugs, and video games, for instance, can all be purchased second-hand. Pair them with sale items (for example, a second-hand book and chocolate on sale) and you’ve got a great gift for little money. It doesn’t matter that some of it is ‘vintage’. Vintage is hip anyway.

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How to Pack a Teen Gift Hamper

There are lots of options for packing a teen’s gift basket in that go beyond the tired old basket.

A canvas tote bag is a great option because it can be be used for going out with friends.

A storage basket or box is another useful option and wire baskets and cotton rope baskets are all the fashion at the moment. Both of these can be purchased cheaply from discount stores.

Collect recycled packing paper from home-delivered parcels to use as filling. This will bulk up a tote bag or storage basket and allow the gift items to be displayed on top.

For more information on how to put together the perfect personalised hamper, check out the article: How to Make a Personalised Gift Hamper For any Occasion.

A gift hamper made up of lots of little things is a great way to make a nice gift on a budget. Fill a hamper with things you know your recipient will like and appreciate and look out for sales to make a lux hamper on a budget.

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