6 Budget Father’s Day Gift Hamper Ideas for Dad

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Hampers full of your special person’s favourite things are a great gift. Here are six father’s day gift hamper ideas for dad’s special day.

a selection of father's day gift hamper ideas for dad

I love giving and receiving gift baskets because you get a whole bunch of little goodies. And if done right, the recipient is going to love every single one.

For the dad who has everything, a Father’s Day gift hamper of his favourite things can be the perfect present.

Below are six ideas for gift hampers for dad on Father’s Day.

Tips for Packing a Gift Hamper for Dad

When making up a Father’s Day gift hamper, you need to think about three things:

  • What items you’re going to put into it
  • What container you’re going to pack your hamper in
  • If and how you’re going to wrap it.

If you click the links below, there are lists of suggested items you could include in your gift hamper to spark ideas; chocolate hampers are always a favourite!

When packing Father’s Day hampers, don’t just think cane basket.

For example, a storage box that can be used again not only holds all the goodies, it becomes part of the gift.

For a cooking hamper, a salad bowl or a serving platter purchased on sale or second-hand would make a great base for a food hamper.

A plant pot, cotton carry bag, or recycled gift box are all packaging to consider.

Lastly, store-bought hampers are often wrapped in plastic. While that’s certainly an option, consider other ways to wrap your hamper to reduce plastic waste. One of my favourites is a tea towel that can then be reused.

Here are more tips and tricks for making personalised hampers.

Tips For Affordable Father’s Day Hampers on a Budget

When it comes to the cost of gift hampers, the sky is the limit. But if you’re packing a hamper on a budget, here are some tips:

  • Shop around – you can pick up some great gift items in random shops
  • The supermarket is a surprising cornucopia of budget hamper items
  • Start early and keep an eye out for sales (just watch used by dates if you’re buying food)
  • Look at clearance items (there were beautiful serving platters at Myer the other day on clearance for just a few dollars)
  • Consider one or two second-hand items
  • Make your own items to add

For more Father’s Day ideas, check out these cafe-quality breakfasts you can make at home for a fraction of the cost of eating out.

6 Father's Day Gift Hamper Ideas for Dad

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