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Relaxation Gift Basket – How to Make the Perfect Pamper Hamper

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A relaxation gift basket is a perfect gift for someone who needs some time out. Lots of ideas for what to put in this easy-to-create gift for her.

We all need to be encouraged every once in a while to take time out for ourselves. A relaxation gift basket can be just the encouragement someone needs.

Fill it with things you know your recipient will like and appreciate – things they can chill out with and you’ll be giving a well-received gift.

Saving Money on Your Gift Hamper

A nice gift hamper doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

You can save money three ways.

Save money by planning your hamper early and keeping an eye out for items as they go on sale. There are lots of nice food items in the supermarket that are perfect for a hamper. It’s even better if you can get them half price.

The second option is to DIY items in your hamper. Make your own biscuits, knit a face washer, or make homemade bath salts, for example. This can help cut the cost of your hamper while still including lots of lovely things.

The third way to save money is to strategically include second-hand items in your hamper. A second-hand book or magazine, for instance. Or use a second-hand bag or basket to pack your hamper in. You can also strategically regift items in a hamper, as long as you’re not regifting them back to the person who gave them to you!

Or combine all three money-saving strategies above to make up a beautiful gift for very little money.

What to Put in a Relaxation Hamper

Below are some suggestions for what to put in a relaxation hamper. You don’t need to include everything; pick a few things that you know your recipient will like and appreciate.

Things to put in a relaxation hamper:

  • magazine
  • book
  • chocolate
  • tea
  • a bottle of wine
  • journal and pen
  • relaxing essential oils (the one pictured is the ‘calm and destress’ blend)
  • colouring book and pencils
  • puzzle book
  • relaxation/meditation CD
  • type up or write out a guided meditation script (there are many free ones on the web)
  • candle
  • heat pack
  • hot water bottle
  • pyjamas
  • hand cream
  • face mask
  • foot scrub
  • bath salts (these are cheap and easy to make) or bath bomb
  • loafer
  • hand knitted face washer
  • bubble bath
  • massage tool

Make Your Hamper Complete With This Essential Addition

The point of a relaxation gift basket is to encourage your recipient to take time out for themselves for self-care.

For many people, this is easier said than done, especially for mums.

So a great addition to your relaxation hamper – an addition that doesn’t cost you any money – is a couple of hours of babysitting service.

That way your recipient can take some time out to enjoy the items in your pamper hamper.

If you have the skill, an alternative to babysitting is to offer a head massage or facial.

Making Up Your Relaxation Gift Basket

While hampers are traditionally packed in a gift basket, the hamper pictured above was packed in a gift bag. In fact, it’s a recycled shopping bag but brown bags are funky at the moment and recycling a bag saves money and reduces waste to reuse.

If you’re wanting to get a basket instead, the best place to find one is a second-hand store. There are plenty of lovely baskets for a dollar or two. Just give it a cleanout and it’s perfect to reuse.

Recycling a gift basket is another way to cut costs and waste.

For more information on how to make up your relaxation gift basket, including other ideas for what to put it in, filling your hamper and wrapping your hamper check out the article How to Make a personalised Gift Hamper for any Occasion.

Homemade gift hampers are a great way to give lovely gifts without spending a lot of money. Think ahead of time about what your recipient would like and keep an eye out for sale items for the perfect frugal hamper.

Looking for More Hamper Ideas?

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